2018 Offroad

EXHAUST TIRES TUBES TIRE ACCESSORIES BIKE ACCESSORIES SNOWBIKE PITBIKE GRAPHICS /SEAT BODY CONTROLS BARS /GRIPS LEVERS CABLES INTAKE FUELSYSTEMS AIRFILTERS OILFILTERS ELECTRICAL SPARKPLUGS BATTERIES CHARGERS ENGINE PISTONS SUSPENSION DRIVE CHAIN SPROCKETS BRAKES CHEMICALS GASCANS TOOLS LOCKS RAMPS /STRAPS TRAILERS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX x X X X X 1231 TOOL KITS Description WPS# List Fanny Pack tool kit 57-00230 $109.95 We did our homework and put together the ultimate off-road tool kit. Complementing the long list of tools and other items is a stout and functional pouch using a super-tough nylon shell, top grade hardware and zippers, plenty of storage – including a unique mesh cash and document pocket – and key clip. With the DMX, you’re ready to roll! FANNY PACK TOOL KIT KTM/HUQVARNA KIT • Developed specifically for KTM/Husqvarna motorcycles • Includes combination and adjustable wrenches, a special 27 x 32 mm axle wrench, locking pliers,6 in 1 screwdriver, hex and star wrenches,ratchet and socket set and more • Tools are lifetime guaranteed and professional quality • Weight 3 lbs ECONO KIT M1 Seasoned riders know from experience the importance of carrying a tool kit. OEM tool kits don't provide effective roadside or trailside relief, and cobbling together tools from the garage probably won't cut it. Our metric EconoKITs provide the items you'll need in the middle of nowhere, with quality you can depend on. Both include our exclusive PowerDrive combination wrenches, plus a host of other essentials. The M2 is a baseline solution, while the M1 adds additional content. Description WPS# List Econo Kit M1 57-00212 $64.95 Description WPS# List KTM Kit 57-00232 $89.95 TOOLS