2018 Offroad

x X X X X EXHAUST TIRES TUBES TIRE ACCESSORIES BIKE ACCESSORIES SNOWBIKE PITBIKE GRAPHICS /SEAT BODY CONTROLS BARS /GRIPS LEVERS CABLES INTAKE FUELSYSTEMS AIRFILTERS OILFILTERS ELECTRICAL SPARKPLUGS BATTERIES CHARGERS ENGINE PISTONS SUSPENSION DRIVE CHAIN SPROCKETS BRAKES CHEMICALS GASCANS TOOLS LOCKS RAMPS / STRAPS TRAILERS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX 1168 Size WPS# List 6.5 oz 12/case 62-1506 $9.09 ea 12 oz 12/case 62-1512 10.69 ea 1 gal 62-1513 44.09 ea AIR FILTER OIL Size WPS# List 12 oz 12/case 62-1530 $9.49 ea 32 oz 12/case 62-1532 15.09 ea 1 gal 4/case 62-1531 37.39 ea 5 gal Bucket 62-1533 128.59 Size WPS# List 6 oz 12/case 62-1509 $15.49 ea SEALING GREASE FILTER CLEANER FOAM FILTER OIL • Specifically designed for foam air filters • Resists drain-off and traps dirt particles • Provides extreme efficiency Size WPS# List 5.5 oz aerosol 12/case 82-1000 $10.95 ea 16 oz liquid 12/case 82-1600 10.95 ea • Spray on, hose off • Will work on foam, gauze and paper filters • Use with UNI, OEM and K&N Size WPS# List 14.5 oz 12/case 82-1630 $12.95 ea UNI Filter service kit Includes: 5.5 oz UNI foam filter oil & 14.5 oz UNI foam filter cleaner 82-1635 20.95 ea Size WPS# List A 12/case 62-1514 $16.59 each kit B 12/case 62-1515 16.59 each kit Provides an airtight fit around sealing surfaces on all types of air filter elements. It resists heat and will not melt and run off. Not to be used on clamp-on filter elements. K&N CLEANING AND REOILING SUPPLIES: Recharge your K&N Air Filter with genuine K&N Cleaning Accessories. Cleaning and re- oiling your K&N filters is very simple with the use of K&N’s four-step maintenance system designed to recharge your K&N Air Filter. The use of K&N cleaner and filter oil completely restores airflow efficiency so your air filter performs virtually like new. KIT "A" CONTAINS: • 1 - 12 oz. Air Filter Cleaner Spray Bottle • 1 - 6.5 oz. Air Filter Oil Aerosol KIT "B" CONTAINS: • 1 - 12 oz. Air Filter Cleaner Spray Bottle • 1 - 8 oz. Squeeze Oil and Service Decal POWER KLEEN™ • Air filter cleaner/degreaser dissolves dirt build-up and old filter oil • Penetrates into the pleated cotton media to provide outstanding air filtration NOTE: Use of other cleaning or oiling methods, cleaners or oils could damage the filter and void K&N Warranty CHEMICALS